Holistic Treatment – Acupuncture and Herbs Put the Spark Back

Today animal acupuncture has become more readily known and accepted by both veterinarians and lay people. Acupuncture is indeed often used to treat numerous muscular skeletal problems as well as other conditions such as pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, kidney failure, or generally depressed immune system function. Allow me now to offer you yet another perspective.

By the time I see an ailing pet, much time will usually have passed since the onset of the first signs and symptoms. Surgery may have been performed, and medications prescribed. The animal’s spirit is often shattered at that point. He may have become withdrawn, disheartened or disengaged from life. He may have lost weight, become lethargic, crippled, sad, depressed, and even aggressive. Owners by that time have become rather distressed.

I have come to observe that within a few acupuncture sessions, the pet’s spirit picks up again. Owners may, before all, report that their friend has started to pick up her favorite toy again, or to engage with them again. Most importantly, the owner has started to once again see that unique precious spark in their life companion’s eyes. Then, as pain continues to decrease, overall ease and comfort increase. Vitality returns.

This is what acupuncture can offer. Natural supplements, Chinese herbs and other holistic techniques may also be recommended to help complement the benefits of acupuncture and to wean your pet off certain drugs, if so desired. That is what holistic medicine is all about. Lastly, yes, there are definitely times the best efforts and intentions will be of little to no avail, but the times the efforts do help overcome discomfort, pain and disease are still far more frequent.

Presented by Karin Serejski, M.Ac., L.Ac., Veterinary Holistic Care

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