Holistic & Natural Training Methods

Many animals experience behavior problems that may be modifi ed or eliminated with proper training techniques & education. For example, dogs are pack animals needing companionship. Thus, isolating a dog can cause behavior problems. Providing attention & activities can encourage desirable behavior. Dogs that live their lives in confinement will suffer.

Cats living in nature will scratch, eliminate and mark wherever they choose. Often, this may not be the same indoor location desired by their owners. To prevent eliminating outside the litter box, give the cat options. The “rule of thumb” is one more box than number of cats. Try different types of litter until your cat selects the brand or brands he/she prefers.

Birds are flock animals; therefore, having multiple birds is ideal & natural. Birds also need ample room to fly. Providing food variety, toys & companionship can prevent many bird behavior problems.

Consider using only pet-friendly, humane, motivational, and non-aversive training methods. Your pet will respond out of motivation, rather than fear.

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