Hints to Find Your Lost Dog

Many owners get ID tags for their dogs’ collar, but unfortunately, many dogs get loose without collars or the collars break off. You can improve your luck of getting your pet back if you have him tattooed and/or microchipped. Both these procedures are simple, quick & painless. Many clubs & organizations run tattoo clinics. They tattoo a number (usually your SSN) on your pet. You register this number with the National Dog Registry. Similarly, vets can microchip your pet. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted under the skin at the dog’s shoulder blades. You register this unique number with the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Program. Both methods permanently mark your dog and if he is found by any animal shelter/hospital they check for tattoos & microchips. They then call the appropriate agencies and you are reunited with your pet. The other thing to do is call for help immediately.

1. Send people out looking with food, lead, collar & other dogs.

2. Make & distribute a flyer with your pet’s picture and place it in a plastic sleeve. List your phone number and if there is a reward.

3. Look in areas your dog has visited previously & where other dogs live.

4. Someone should stay by the phone.

5. Call all animal shelters/hospitals in the area. Call the shelters daily until your dog is found.

6. Call the NDR & AKC Recovery Program.

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