Healthy Pet Plans

A recent survey of pet owners shows that they are seeking veterinary care less often.  The rising cost of veterinary health care is a factor in many owners’ decision to wait longer to visit their veterinarian.  Preventive care can save, prolong, and improve our pets’ lives through disease prevention and early illness detection.  The current trend in the veterinary industry is to offer plans in which preventative care is bundled together at a discounted price.

Olney Sandy-Spring Veterinary Hospital has designed Healthy Pet Plans to provide preventive care for dogs and cats of all life stages.  We have chosen to include two wellness exams per year, vaccines based on the pet’s risk assessment, screening labwork that is age appropriate for the pet, and discounts on spay/neutering, dental cleanings, and heartworm prevention.

We are also offering Healthy Pet PLUS Plans!  These plans include wellness care PLUS unlimited office visits.  By including unlimited office visits, we have attempted to reduce the sticker shock associated with pet’s illnesses and encourage pet owners to visit earlier in the course of an illness, rather than waiting until it is more serious.

One fee covers preventive care for 10 months to one year.  Fees can be paid up front or you can choose a monthly no-interest payment option through Care Credit.  For more information on plans we have available please visit

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