Grooming your Dog at Home

Though everyone loves how the dog looks after a day at the spa, there are steps you can take to maintain your pet’s coat at home. Even ten minutes a day provides not only a wonderful bonding experience but alerts you to any injuries, sensitivities or abnormalities.

Finding the right tools for your pet’s coat is important. Recent years have seen breakthrough developments in brushes and detangling sprays, and a reputable groomer should be able to advise you and even give a demonstration. When choosing sprays and shampoos, make sure products are PH balanced for dogs and chemical-free.

When brushing your dog, stand her on a table or other raised, stable surface so that she doesn’t try to “escape”. Work the coat in sections, lifting the hair and brushing completely down to the skin as opposed to “surface brushing”. Pay attention to highfriction areas: behind the ears; under the arms; the feet/legs and the hindquarters. When finished, a comb should glide easily through the hair. Puppies between the ages of 8-10 months (when the puppy coat changes) and pets who wear coats will need more frequent brushing.

If you bathe your dog at home, use conditioner and blow and brush the hair dry, as wet hair mats very quickly– often irreversibly!

The right tools and approach can make or break a good grooming experience for your pet, so be sure to consult with a groomer you trust if something isn’t working for you…your dog will thank you!

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