What You Should Know About Pet Grooming Salons

There are important factors that you should consider when selecting a grooming salon for your pet. These include: salon environment, staff professionalism, and how much time your pet will spend at the salon.

The Salon

The salon should be bright, clean, well-ventilated, temperature controlled and void of foul odors. You should be able to tour the salon and see where your pet will be caged and groomed. An attendant should be able to view caged pets at all times. See if the salon has equipment with grooming tables to accommodate injured or elderly pets. Check to see if they have actual bathing tubs with skid proof bottoms or just “modified human tubs.” Some salons use forced air dryers, which allows the groomer to dry the pet on the table in minutes instead of cage drying for extended periods of time. Cage drying can be dangerous causing overheating and death if not properly monitored.

The Staff

A reputable salon will hire professionally trained groomers who have completed a training program that teaches pet anatomy, safety, recognition of basic skin disorders, bathing and drying techniques, clipping and scissoring skills, parasites, and breed specific hairstyling. The staff will also be required to attend grooming seminars and trade shows that provide advanced skill building in grooming techniques, equipment, and product usage. Some groomers continue their grooming education to certification levels. The International Professional Groomers, Inc. (IPG) and the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) can certify groomers. Certification is the standardized method to obtaining professional recognition.


Most pets can be groomed in 2 hours or less, provide the client arrives on time and the pets coat is reasonably matt free. Large long or double coated breeds and show grooming can take up to 3 hours or more. Ask if their appointments are actual or just a drop off time. If it’s actual, your pet should be placed on the table upon arrival, and if it’s a drop off, your pet will be handled on a first come first served basis and will include an extended stay. Having your pet groomed by an “actual” appointment reduces stress on your pet so that they won’t view grooming as an unpleasant experience and associate it with being locked in a cage all day. Most are not caged at home and enjoy their freedom; therefore, being caged for long periods of time can be unpleasant for them. Remember, a scheduled grooming appointment has a set drop-off and pick-up time and should not be confused with pet daycare, for this there is an extra charge. Try to schedule your appointment with the same groomer each time. The benefit of this is you will develop a relationship with the groomer, your pet will appreciate the consistency, and you will know who is handling your pet. I prefer to have one person handling my pet from the start to finish this provides me with a sense of security and knowing who’s accountable for my pet.
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