Grooming- Want Your Dog To Shed Less?

Shed Less is a new treatment that reduces pet hair shedding problems in between regular groomings. This unique process is offered by a Pleasant Groom ‘N Inn. According to the Salon, Shed Less reduces unwanted shedding problems by 60% to 80% in only 1 to 2 treatments. The Salon claims that after initial treatment, your pet may noticeably shed for up to 24 hours due to hair follicle disturbance and/or stress shedding. However, your pet’s coat will settle down after 24 hours and there will be less shedding on your pet and in your home. a Pleasant Groom ‘N Inn uses a multi-step process to achieve the Shed Less Process. The first step in the process utilizes a “steady stream or needle spray” power attachment to wash your pet’s hair. Secondly, all natural shampoo is applied and massaged into their coats. A thorough rinsing follows, and their coat is dried, brushed, combed, and carded. A conditioner and/or cologne can also be applied if you choose. Special grooming industry tools not available to the average pet owner are used.

For more information on the Shed Less process, contact a Pleasant Groom ‘N Inn at 301-738-8750.

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