Grooming- The Importance of Grooming All Pets

If you think that grooming is only for fancy French Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, think again! Grooming is important for every pet in your home. From cats to bunnies, to birds- an all-pet groomer can give your pet more than just a makeover.

Keep in mind that not all grooming involves cutting hair and clipping to show dog perfection. Many animals can benefit from a simple haircut. German Shepherds and Labradors, for example, can have undercoats removed professionally, and dramatically minimize shedding. Longhaired cats can have haircuts too, which will help them stay cool and reduce hairballs. Rabbits, rats, ferret, and birds are all excellent companions who with a bit of routine grooming can be more joyful members of the family.

When your pet is groomed, it does not only look good but in many cases a regular grooming visit can prevent serious problems from becoming fatal. If there are any bumps, lumps, cuts, flakes, skin conditions, ear, tooth, or nail problems, your groomer will often find them.

Once, during a regular grooming, we discovered that the anal glands of one of the dogs we were handling did not appear healthy. After notifying the owner, the pet was taken to the vet. The dog had developed a tumor, but thanks to the early discovery and removal, the pet was fine and the owner very grateful. Had the tumor not been discovered quickly, the pet might not have survived.

When your pet is groomed properly on a regular basis they feel better and you’ll appreciate them more. Consider grooming your pet between visits to the veterinary, so that another animal professional can look out after your pet.

Put and end to pushing a smelly pet in the other room. Contact a groomer and have your “buddy” clean and freshened up so that they can feel as part of your family again!

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