Fostering Saves Lives

Foster parents and families form the backbone of the work CSAC does. In order to exist as a rescue, we rely on wonderful people willing to bring needy animals into their homes, and care for them, while the animals await permanent homes. Foster families have our undying gratitude, deepest respect and admiration. There are never enough foster homes to go around, so each is precious to CSAC and the animals we are trying to save. Sadly, we always have more dogs than foster homes. Fosterless animals board at kennels at our signifi- cant expense and often to their detriment. These animals are already stressed from the circumstances that brought them into rescue in the first place. Although better than the alternative, it is hard for them to languish in kennels until homes can be found. Many of our rescued dogs are older and/or have special needs, making kenneling even more traumatic for them.

What Does it Take to be a Foster Parent?

Mostly it takes a lot of TLC. Many rescued dogs have experienced little kindness from people. Some suffer from neglect and deprivation; others endured unspeakable cruelty at the hands of those they should have been able to trust. Whatever their history, coming into an unfamiliar environment can be very stressful. Some dogs have never even seen the inside of a house! Foster parents provide safe havens for these weary souls, showing them that humans can be kind, offering them support and encouragement as they learn to be part of a family. Fosters also get to know their dogs’ personalities, providing invaluable insight into the appropriate type of home for their dog. This helps ensure that the dog’s adoptive home will be forever.

Benefits of Being a Foster Parent

I won’t sugarcoat the truth: fostering is hard work. Many rescued dogs lack socialization and training. Often they lack basic manners that we take for granted with our own dogs or those of friends and family. Some have never worn a collar, much less a leash, which can make a very comical first “walk.” And “accidents” often happen during the first few days, sometimes weeks, in a new home. Worse yet, some dogs don’t seem to understand that they are safe; some are distant and detached. Fortunately, with a lot of love and nurturing, they typically come around. And when they do, you realize your profound impact on this animal’s life. This precious soul that came to you afraid, malnourished, depressed, or worse, blossoms in your care. Because of you, he finds a “forever home” where he will be part of a family that loves him; his own “happily ever after.” It’s a feeling that cannot be described, a miracle, in fact, that you created from your acts of kindness

You, one person, can make a difference. Your help can mean the difference between life and death for a defenseless animal. Will you help us save lives?

If you are interested in fostering a Cocker Spaniel, please review the foster guidelines on our website: www.cockeradoption. org, or call 410-628-6191.

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