Fostering Pets

Hundreds of lives are saved each year as a result of pet fostering. Fostering an animal in your home provides a caring environment until they are adopted. It sounds like a simple process, but it should not be undertaken lightly. Fostering requires dedication, patience, hard work, and a deep committment. It can be an extremely rewarding experience for both the animal and the foster.

The benefits of fostering a pet are numerous. The animal has an opportunity to live in a more personal and loving setting, as opposed to shelter life. It also provides a safe and secure place where the pet’s true personality traits can emerge. This observation can be helpful in determining the best environment for placing that particular animal. Most people want to know all they can about their perspective pets before adopting, and fosters can provide that information. Another important benefit to animals in foster care is the love, individual attention, and training (if needed) they receive.

People can benefit from fostering an animal. Fostering provides an opportunity for people to experience various animal breeds, which can assist them in making an informed decision prior to adopting an animal. Fosters also experience the joy of knowing the animal will get placed in a good home after adoption. Fostering frees up space in shelters for other animals that need to be rescued.

If you have other pets in your home and wish to foster an animal, it is important to make sure your pets are current with their shots. You need not worry that your animals and the foster pet will have trouble getting along. In many cases, the transition takes place in a short period of time, as the animals learn to live and play together. In short, your life can continue as normal with the addition of a foster pet. It is also possible to find volunteers to watch your foster pets while on vacation.

If you are interested in learning more about fostering pets, contact your local humane society, animal shelter or rescue group.

Condensed from the following sources: “Why Should I Foster A Pet?” by Janel BRennan and “Becoming a Foster Parent” by Mary Fisher of the Montgomery County Humane Society.

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