Fostering – Organization Helps Military Pets

The MilitaryPetsFOSTER Project is a free nationwide network of volunteers who care for the pets of military personnel on active duty. This Project is sponsored by, a non-profit Internet based organization created by Steve Albin. He came up with the idea for the Project shortly after the Septem-ber 11th tragedy. Albin feels it is his duty to America to prevent military pets from being placed in shelters. According to Albin, “this sprang from my great sense of patriotism and the want to help those that are protecting us.” Fortunately, there are many that share Albin’s desire to protect military pets from shelter life and euthanasia. Since the MilitaryPets-FOSTER Project was founded, thousands of pets have been fostered, including cats, dogs, horses, and ferrets. More than 5,000 people have volunteered as foster parents, but thousands more are needed. To learn more, visit or call 843-249-5262.

The Montgomery County Humane Society is also working to prevent the loss of military pets. To be a foster or if you are in need of a foster home for your pet due to active military duty, contact Pete Kennedy at 301-774-7650 or email

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