Fish Care – Tips for Tropicals

Keeping a discerning eye on your fish and their environment and addressing problems at the early stage will go a long way towards keeping your pets happy and healthy. Watch for small white spots, cloudy slime, patches of cottony fuzz, ragged gins, loss of appetite, and odd swimming behavior. Early detection increases the effectiveness of the many treatments available. Perform preventative maintenance regularly. Maintain proper pH, do frequent partial water changes, clean filters often, and keep water temperature at 70 degrees or slightly above. Always use a tonic (such as aquari sol) when introducing new specimens to the tank. Live aquatic plants provide oxygen and absorb many of the toxic by-products released by the fish. Aquarium salt is an excellent antiseptic, use one teaspoon for a gallon of water. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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