Finding Quality Pet Care at Affordable Prices…

With the current economic environment on the decline many pet owners are feeling the rconomic pinch when it comes to pet health care and medical expenses. Advances in veterinary medicine over the past thirty years have allowed veterinarians access to sophisticated diagnostic tools, and to perform sophisticated surgical procedures. “In today’s economic environment, it is important not only to recognize the medical needs of the pet, but also to recognize the financial feasibility of the pet owner,” says Dr. Goldstein of Beltway Surgical Referral. Referral veterinarians such as Dr. Goldstein generally receive an additional four years of training after eight years of veterinary and undergraduate school in their specific field.

Dr. Gary M. Goldstein, D.V.M., M.S. sees the same type of problems over and over on a regular basis. Therefore, because of experience and “practice”, he is more prepared to recognize, diagnose, and treated your pet’s specific problem. For example, the most common procedure performed at BSR is repair of a torn anterior/cranial cruciate ligament (ACL or CCL). State of the art techniques such as TPLO and TTA may be performed at other local surgical practice for fees ranging from $3000 to $5000. Dr. Goldstein uses a more natural, traditional ACL repair procedures and has performed over 7,000 ACL surgeries while keeping fees in the $1500-$2000 range with a 95% success rate.

Economic savvy and loving pet owners seeking feasible, less costly alternatives have made both Dr. Goldstein and themselves winners in this economic down turn.

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