Experience Matters

While you may trust a friend or neighbor to look after your pets, there are some pretty good reasons for hiring a professional to do the job, instead.

Experience.  Whether we’re dealing with hairballs or gaining the trust of a shy pet, professional sitters have seen and done it all.  If your kitty hides under the bed, we will check to make sure she’s okay and then give her space to come to us when she’s ready.  If your pet’s habits or behavior suddenly change, we know that it’s time to talk to you about a trip to the vet.  Many sitters even have experience giving medications.  While you can’t necessarily expect a friend to know all about animal care, you can expect it from us.

Clarity.  So, your next-door neighbor offered to look after your pets while you’re away.  While that’s a generous offer, it can also create some murky areas.  For example, what should you pay them?  Should you offer to reciprocate, if they have pets of their own?  When you’re writing out the instructions, what level of detail is too much?  They say good fences make good neighbors.  Hiring a pet sitter instead of a neighbor is a good way to keep those fences mended.

Professionalism.  When we take on a new client, we’re thorough.  We get all the information we need to care for your pet, from the location of their favorite toys to feeding instructions, health history and vet info.  We make sure we know how to contact you to keep you informed of important developments, and that you know how to contact us if you change your plans.  We’ll even ask about rotating the lights and putting out the trash so there’s no indication that you’re out of town.  Probably the best thing about dealing with a professional is that there’s very little we haven’t thought of already.


Claire Burns, Manager, Sit-A-Pet

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