Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Disasters can strike at any time, and pets are often the most innocent victims. But a few simple steps in advance can keep your pet safe.

Arrange Shelter

Make arrangements with a trusted friend or neighbor to be an emergency caretaker, by exchanging keys, cell phone
numbers, and veterinarian contacts. Find out pet policies for hotels and motels in the area, and make a list of boarding facilities, animal shelters, and veterinary offices that can provide foster care. Most important, never leave your pet behind – animals left alone in such a situation have little chance of survival.

Emergency Pet Kit

In a waterproof container, put together food, water, and medications for one week; a leash and/or large, secure carrier; pet fi rst aid, copies of medical/ vaccination records, and veterinarian contact information; clear current pet photos; bags for dog waste, or litter box for cats; blankets and towels.

Pet ID

Make sure your pet is wearing a secure collar and ID tag with your cell phone number. Also, consider getting your pet microchipped so if the collar comes loose, animal recovery facilities can retrieve your contact information with a quick scan. You might also place an emergency decal in a front window of your home, indicating there are pets inside. Check for decals at your local police or fire department or favorite pet store.

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