Dogs Thrive on Raw Food Diets

BARF may not sound very appetizing to the human ear, but to dogs it sounds like heaven on earth. That’s because BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, and it’s what canines have craved for millennia.

Just what is considered biologically appropriate? Think about what dogs in the wild naturally lived on. Wild canines will eat any type of food available to them, but they prefer meat and are more nutritionally sound when provided a meaty diet. Unfortunately, most dog foods on the market today consist primarily of grain and slaughterhouse waste products considered “not fit for human consumption.” This may include intestines, udders, esophagi and sometimes even diseased animal parts.

In order to get the dogs to eat their products, dog food companies use additives and chemical preservatives, which many animal health experts blame for the increase of diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease and rampant allergies witnessed by veterinarians today.

Perhaps that is why top breeders and trainers throughout the world first began to feed their own dogs the raw food diet. In 1993, the book, “Give Your Dog a Bone,” appeared, and a new grassroots movement was born. Food manufacturers then began to offer clients pre-packaged raw foods for dogs, and it is now the fastest growing segment of the pet food market.

But what does a raw foods diet consist of? While individual products vary, most consist of whole meats like chicken and beef, along with other natural ingredients, to provide a nutritionally complete diet for dogs. The health benefits of BARF are many and usually result in lowered vet bills.

Bob Barrett, owner of K-9 Kraving Dog Food in Baltimore, Maryland, was quick to discover the benefits of the BARF diet. The owner of a local meat packing plant and avid dog enthusiast, Bob hired a doctor of animal nutrition to help develop his own brand of raw foods for dogs that was conveniently packaged for today’s busy dog owner. It took them over a year and a half to develop K-9 Kraving, but it is now the only raw food diet product that offers “complete” nutrition for dogs.

K-9 Kraving Dog Food is the only raw food diet manufacturer that can boast a product produced in a continually inspected USDA processing facility by a company that has been producing fine meats since 1932. Because of Barrett’s history and expertise, he is able to offer his products at one half the price of other raw food diets. In addition to high-quality chicken and beef, K-9 Kraving also contains flax seed, which provides essential fatty acids, and fresh vegetables and kelp to provide the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to maintain optimal health – all in one convenient package.

Barrett says that none of his customers have had any problems converting their dogs to his raw foods diet, so you may wish too look into a BARF diet for your own dog—the affordability and convenience you crave and the meat your dog naturally craves.

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