Doggy Breath

Bad breath is a big problem! 80% of dogs over 3 years of age have bad breath due to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is the most common infectious disease in the world for dogs.

We all understand the importance of good dental hygiene for ourselves. Let’s consider our ‘other’ family member’s dental health and well being.

As a puppy, start good dental health with a quality diet and tooth friendly toys. Begin brushing and playing with the teeth at an early age to make the pet accustomed to regular home care.

Regular brushing, preferably every day, will slow the accumulation of plaque and tartar and help keep the pet’s gums healthy and resilient and smelling good too.

Dental exams by your Veterinarian is a critical element of your best friend’s over all good health. Poor dental health can have far more serious health impacts beyond the annoyance of bad breath. Cardiac, kidney and intestinal disease as well as over all quality of life can be directly attributable to dental disease.

Let’s take control of our friend’s dental health. Hopefully they will appreciate our concern!

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