Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography (DR) is the newest technology available for taking x-rays in animals (including dogs, cats, birds, and exotics). It eliminates the need for a dark room, developing chemicals, lengthy film processing time, and the storage of x-ray films. Digital x-ray equipment is used for diagnosing both soft tissue and orthopedic conditions, just like traditional x-ray equipment. This advancement in technology greatly enhances diagnostic capabilities and better assists in the treatment of your pet.

Digital x-ray equipment has many benefits for you, your pet, and the environment.

The benefits for you:

• X-rays can be easily saved to a disk and sent home with you to share with the rest of your pet’s health care team and specialists.

• Disks are easier to store and transport as compared to x-ray film. The benefits for your pet:

• Images can be sent to specialists via email when a quicker response time is needed. This ultimately allows your pet’s health care team to easily collaborate, and provide your pet with the best veterinary care possible.

• Exposure to radiation is greatly reduced because fewer retakes are needed. After the x-ray has been taken, the image density and contrast can be manipulated to enhance the quality of the image, and thus generally eliminates the need for a retake.

• Fewer retakes and no excess time waiting for films to develop, means less time that your pet remains on the x-ray table. Less time on the table, means less stress for your pet!

The veterinary team will have answers regarding your pet’s health almost instantly since images appear on a computer screen within 6 seconds. This saved time can be critical in times of an emergency, and will allow the veterinary team to begin treating your pet more rapidly.

The benefits for the environment:

• There are no x-ray films, so there is ultimately less waste associated with digital x-rays.

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