Daycare then Grooming – the Perfect Combination!

For all you dog owners with a regular need for grooming, here’s a modern twist to this traditional offering… free daycare first! That’s right, at ‘A Dog’s Day Out’ each dog that has a grooming appointment, & has passed their Introduction Evaluation, gets three hours of daycare free before their spa treatment begins.

Let’s look at a day of grooming from your cherished dog’s point of view. They are excited to go for a ride with you. They are even more excited to walk into a grooming facility with you. They are probably even happy to see whoever greets both of you as you enter, but then what is your dog’s day like until you return?

Once you check your dog in at a grooming salon, they usually spend their time alone in a crate until it is their turn to be groomed. Depending on how many other dogs are scheduled that day, it could be hours before your dog begins. By now, your dog is a bit wound up and very excited to be let out of their crate, only to then be asked to stand still and be patient while they are bathed, dried, & groomed over the next few hours. Once your dog’s grooming is complete, they are crated again until you return to pick them up.

The newest offering at ‘A Dog’s Day Out’ includes the ability for your dog to come for their scheduled grooming appointment & begin their day the way all dog’s prefer, playing cage-free with similar size friends. Once their turn comes up to be groomed, your dog has played the way they like for up to three hours, on the house! This system ensures that your dog will be far more content to stand still and be pampered while the certified groomer’s work their magic.

Since implementing this program nearly a year ago, ‘A Dog’s Day Out’ certified groomer’s have commented on how much easier it has become to groom/ handle each dog. “It makes perfect sense that each dog would be better behaved on the grooming table after having the chance to play first”, says Chas Richardson (Owner – A Dog’s Day Out). “For this reason, we are proud of our special offering”. Chas continues, “We are always looking for the win-win-win scenario, for the dog-owner-& facility”. “Anything we can do to make your dog’s lives happier, we strive to accomplish.”

So the next time your dog needs to be groomed, consider what their day would be like without having the chance to play for a few hours first, then consider calling ‘A Dog’s Day Out’ to schedule an appointment with one of their top-notch certified groomer’s located in Alexandria & Vienna, Virginia. To learn morre, visit them at

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