A Unique Breed of Dog Daycare Center

When Kathy Minnick graduated with a degree in Biology from Cal Poly University, her heart called out to pursue her first love-animals. This lover led her to Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management program. Upon graduation of the two-year program, she secured a job as a marine mammal trainer at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. After four years in Hawaii, Kathy decided to go into business for herself and headed to Virginia to open a dog daycare and training facility


Dog Daycare centers are springing up everywhere, but The Animal’s House is the only one owned and ran by someone with the amount of training and behavioral experience that Kathy has. “We are more of a canine educational center than anything else. Owners bring their dogs to daycare for a variety of reasons and we are able to customize a program to fit both the owner and the dog’s needs,” says Kathy.

“Our new daycare shuttle service is a wonderful substitute for midday walks. The dog taxi comes to your door, picks up your dogs to take him to daycare, and returns him four hours later. It is a great way for puppies to not only get a break in the middle of the day, but also work on their social skills at the same time.”

In addition to daycare, The Animal House also provides a full range of clicker training obedience classes and is one of the few facilities in Northern Virginia to off dog agility classes.

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