Creating the Perfect Rabbit Indoor Habitat

Rabbits need room to hop to stay happy.  The minimum space required if four times their body length.

Many standard cages are too small, but luckily you can find some great starter pieces at mainstream stores such as Home Depot, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Many of the do it yourself storage units can be easily and inexpensively converted into the perfect habitat, where is a great tutorial with pictures and directions online: You’d be surprised how easy it is and how few supplies you need.

Time to decorate. Bunnies love to have a cozy bed so including a soft bed is key, try a foam pad completely covered in a soft terry material or even a small pre-made pet bed.  They also like a little area to hide out so enclosing a small area when they can snuggle down is a great idea.

Playtime. Rabbits like to play just like cats and dogs, they enjoy balls, chew sticks, tubes to crawl through and dangling toys they can swat at.

And lastly, rabbits, can be box trained like a cat.  Including a little pan (and training your rabbit) in your enclosure will make your rabbit home a clean, enjoyable place. Happy Building!

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