Choosing a Pet Should be an Educated Choice

How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, he got too big so we had to get rid of him”? One of the most important aspects of owning a pet is doing your research before you purchase the animal. Unfortunately for animals, many people buy on impulse and don’t take the time to research what their new pet is going to require as it matures. The consumer is not the only one at fault. The retailer selling the animal has an obligation to educate the consumer. Responsible pet stores will attempt to match you with a suitable pet. If the consumer knew that the cute little iguana they just purchased would reach a length of 6 feet and require special lighting, they might think twice about purchasing one. Burmese Pythons look like they will be an easy pet to care for, but what happens when it reaches an adult size of 12-18 feet? A new puppy would not be the best choice for a home where everyone works. Many animals bought on impulse end up in shelters and may be euthanized. If consumers take the time to learn about the animal they are considering purchasing, more animals will have permanent homes. Many resources are available to you, including your local library, reputable pet stores and breeders, rescue groups, veterinarians, and the Internet.

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