Choosing a Boarding Kennel

Responsible pet owners are choosing to board their dogs and cats at professional boarding kennels. There are several things you should do and ask the kennel personnel.

1. Always ask for a tour of the facility before leaving your pet. Keep in mind the level of cleanliness of both the grounds and the runs on your tour.

2. Question the diet the facility has available for your pet. Speak with the kennel personnel regarding any special diet your pet may need. Ask if you can bring your pet’s own food.

3. Always ask about how often the runs are cleaned and sanitized.

Boarding is a shared responsibility.

1. Always leave an emergency number for you to be contacted in the event of a problem.2. Be honest before boarding about any known medical conditions your pet to recognize warning signs of potential health problems and will contact a veterinarian if they feel it is necessary.

3. As a responsible pet owner you must make certain your pet’s immunizations are current. A reputable kennel will ask for proof of up to date vaccinations prior to boarding your pet.

4. Many kennels also offer bathing and grooming. Request that your pet be bathed on the day he goes home.

5. Make sure that you understand the rate structure for all services and hours of operation. The fee for boarding includes not only the care of your pet, but also the peace of mind that goes with knowing your pet is safe and with someone you can trust.

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