Creating the Perfect Rabbit Indoor Habitat

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Rabbits need room to hop to stay happy.  The minimum space required if four times their body length. Many standard cages are too small, but luckily you can find some great starter pieces at mainstream stores such as Home Depot, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Many of the do it yourself storage units can be easily and inexpensively converted into the perfect habitat, where is a great tutorial with pictures and directions online: You’d be surprised how easy it is ...

Bonded Rabbit Pairs

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People are just beginning to realize that house rabbits are wonderful companion animals that provide a pleasant alternative to a dog or a cat. This concept, however, is relatively new, and the majority of first time rabbit people begin by first adopting a single rabbit. In time, they discover what more experienced rabbit people already know. That is, rabbits crave the companionship of their own kind. So begins the sometimes stressful task of finding ...


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Rabbits make excellent pets. Their small size makes them perfect for house or apartment dwellers. They are curious by nature and love to chew; therefore, they require supervision when let out of their cages. The cage or hutch should be as large as you can possibly allow. Bigger is better. Wire bottom cages should be avoided as the wire can catch toenails, toes and feet and cause sores. The bedding should be soft and absorbent. CareFresh or recycled paper is best. Bunnies ...

Rabbits Make Wonderful Pets

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Rabbits can make wonderful pets! They can be taught to use the litter box just like a cat. However, you must “bunny-proof” the house prior to letting them run loose. Rabbits love to chew on everything and anything they can. Their diets should consist primarily of fresh timothy hay, a small amount of alfalfa pellets, and the occasional fresh vegetable as a treat. There are pellets made from timothy hay and these are better for them than the alfalfa pellets. Rabbits ...

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