Experience Matters

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While you may trust a friend or neighbor to look after your pets, there are some pretty good reasons for hiring a professional to do the job, instead. Experience.  Whether we’re dealing with hairballs or gaining the trust of a shy pet, professional sitters have seen and done it all.  If your kitty hides under the bed, we will check to make sure she’s okay and then give her space to come to us when she’s ready.  If your pet’s habits ...

What Your Pet Sitter Won’t Tell You

In: Pet Sitting

As a conscientious pet owner, you have read multiple articles on how to screen and hire a pet sitter. Did you realize your pet sitter is also screening you? A great client isn’t just one who pays promptly, but one who understands the following: 1. Please do your sitter the courtesy of hiding anything you don’t want us to see. We’re not snoops, but your boudoir photo proofs on the kitchen counter might be hard to miss. 2. Please warn us ahead ...

Are You Ready for a Pet Sitter?

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Pet sitters provide a wonderful service by maintaining your pet’s schedule at home while you travel. Here are some suggestions to make the transition much smoother for your pet: ·Leave a recently worn piece of clothing near your pet’s bedding, to comfort him/her at night. ·Move valuables from tabletops, so curious noses can’t knock them over. ·Leave the right sized food and water bowls out for your pet's use, and clean them before you leave. ·Leave everything needed for the care of ...

Pet Sitters Help Make Your Vacation Relaxing

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You knew it was coming. In the back of your mind you’ve been thinking about it for weeks, maybe even months. Vacation. Finally it’s almost here. But, (gasp!), who will care for your beloved while you’re gone? You know that you want him to have a vacation, too, that you want him to rest in the very lap of luxury. That you want him to continue to live in the style to which he’s become accustomed right in the comfort ...

Pet Sitting Has Gone Hi-Tech: How does your pet sitter stack up?

In: Pet Sitting

There was a time you gave your teenage neighbor a few dollars to feed your pets when you went on vacation. Now, pet sitting services are among the fastest growing businesses in the pet industry. Amy Wallace, burned our at her job as a paralega, took some time off from work and began watching her friend’s dogs. She enjoyed it so much that she started Doggywalker.com, a dog walking and pet sitting service. Paperwork is always a part of business. Amy has ...

Professional Pet Sitters, Excellent Kennel Alternative and More

In: Pet Sitting

Next time you plan a trip or must travel and need to leave your pets at home, consider the services of a professional pet sitter. A professional pet sitter comes to your home to care for your pet allowing your pet to remain in familiar surroundings. This helps to reduce any stress your pet may feel as a result of your absence. The pet sitter will feed and exercise your pet as well as administer any medications. Professional pet sitters do ...

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