Bunnies and hamsters and chinchillas! Oh my!

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America is a country of animal lovers. Large or small, fins or paws, furry or scaly we love our animal friends. Small animals and “pocket pets” make up a large portion of the American pet population, and they can make great pets for the right home. Here’s a look at some of their nutritional needs. Rabbits are herbivores, meaning their diet is exclusively vegetarian. They require pellets made up of at least 15-19% protein and 18% fiber. Try to avoid pellets ...

Facts About Guinea Pig Care

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Your guinea pig requires a cage large enough for him/her to fun around. Aquariums and plastic cages are OK. Line the bottom of the enclosure with soft bedding – preferably Care Fresh (recycled newspaper) or pine shavings. Cedar shavings may cause allergic reactions not only to the guinea pigs but to people as well. Clean the cage daily. Guinea pigs love to hide in boxes within their enclosures. Guinea pigs ...

The Guinea Pig (Also Known As Cavy)

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Commonly known as a Guinea Pig, the Cavy (pronounced K-V) originated in the Andes Mountains region of South America. Peruvian Indians used them for food and as sacrifi cal offerings to their gods. During the 15th century, Dutch explorers introduced Guinea Pigs to Europe. The Cavy was previously thought to be a rodent(related to Chinchillas and Porcupines). But genetic studies show that Guinea Pigs belong to a brand new category of mammal more closely related to cows and humans than ...

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