Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pigs make wonderful pets. Their small size and easy care makes them the perfect pet for a home or an apartment. They do bond to their owners and can become an integral part of the family. Guinea pigs need the largest cage that can possibly be accommodated. The bigger the better. Soft absorbent bedding is needed—CareFresh (recycled newspaper) is best. The cage needs to be cleaned every few days, depending on the size of the cage and the number of ...

New Breakthroughs in Ferret Surgery

In: Ferret

In the ferret, adrenal disease is perhaps the most common ailment. This condition affects up to 70% of ferrets and is a result of adrenal tumors and and hyperplasia, which causes an excess of estrogen and testosterone. The result is a chronic debilitating disease. The typical symptoms include hair loss (base of the tail, over shoulder blades and tops of rear feet), return to male sexual behavior, swollen vulva and straining ...

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