Bunnies and hamsters and chinchillas! Oh my!

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America is a country of animal lovers. Large or small, fins or paws, furry or scaly we love our animal friends. Small animals and “pocket pets” make up a large portion of the American pet population, and they can make great pets for the right home. Here’s a look at some of their nutritional needs. Rabbits are herbivores, meaning their diet is exclusively vegetarian. They require pellets made up of at least 15-19% protein and 18% fiber. Try to avoid pellets ...

Obesity and the Exotic/Avian Pet

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At different points during the year, many of us resolve to shed some extra pounds. The weeks after holiday feasts or long vacations are a great time to get motivated and moving, as well as pick the right foods to make us healthy. The same can be said for our pets. Obesity is not a disease limited to humans, as I see many different animal species come in to the clinic carrying some extra weight. There are many health concerns ...

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