Obesity and the Exotic/Avian Pet

In: Avian, Exotic

At different points during the year, many of us resolve to shed some extra pounds. The weeks after holiday feasts or long vacations are a great time to get motivated and moving, as well as pick the right foods to make us healthy. The same can be said for our pets. Obesity is not a disease limited to humans, as I see many different animal species come in to the clinic carrying some extra weight. There are many health concerns ...

Keeping Your Feathered Friends Happy

In: Avian, Birds

Birds are one of the most popular pets to own after cats and dogs. This includes everything from canaries/finches, budgies, cockatiels, lories, eclectus parrots, African greys, amazons, and macaws. And of course an occasional pet chicken or quail.  What many bird owners do not know is what can be done to extend the life and health of their bird. A little initial research can be very helpful when trying to pick out the best bird for you and help you provide ...

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