Can Acupuncture Help My Pet?

Acupuncture works with underlying energy and can be used in animals for most conditions.  Some of the issues I’ve used acupuncture to effectively address include kidney failure, arthritis, liver related issues (hepatic lipidosis), behavior/emotional issues (aggression, anxiety, fear), necrotic ears (tissue dying from lack of blood flow), severe itching, back problems (pain, protruding spine, degenerative myelopathy), lupus and leg injuries (see my website for other uses).  It can also support recovery or address side effects related to regular medical treatments (acupuncture treatment is coordinated with your vet and the first treatment must be within 14 days of the last vet visit).  Acupuncture is generally accepted to be non-toxic with minimal side effects.

Each animal’s reaction to needling is unique, thus unpredictable; some calm down, others resist.  They don’t necessarily react as when getting a shot, since needles are only slightly thicker than a hair.  I once treated two sister dogs, one anxious, one easygoing, whose reactions to being needled were the opposite!  And even nervous or resistant pets can benefit.  If a pet doesn’t tolerate needling, we can try palpation.

When treatment is effective, animals’ conditions often respond quickly.  Benefits (which vary by individual) can be seen as recovery or improvement or as slowing of deterioration (your observations are key in noting progress since we can’t ask them).  It can take several treatments to identify if it’s being beneficial.  If a pet doesn’t respond well, I’ll work with you to research other treatment options.

My main goals are to bring affordable care to those who would benefit and to reduce suffering.  I treat in their home which eases anxiety for many and avoids a drive home, which can undo positive treatment effects.  And I let you decide what to pay to ensure it’s affordable.

By Susaanti Follingstad, Acupuncture for Animals

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