Business is Booming for Pet Food Home Delivery Business

The recession has not stopped one local entrepreneur from building a thriving business delivering high-quality pet food to homes in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Randy Stone is a distributor for Nature’s Select Super Premium Pet Food, which contains only safe, nutritious, highly digestible ingredients.

Randy started his business in February 2008 and picked up 434 clients within the first year. By the end of April 2009, his customer base had grown to 645 with sales growth in the first quarter of this year up 55% over the previous quarter.

The secret? The pets love the food and the owners love the service. In recent years, concerns about the ingredients in commercial pet food have focused increased attention on animal nutrition. But natural pet foods can be expensive. Randy’s Nature’s Select distribution service is able to provide free delivery by bringing the pet food straight from the mill to customers’ doors, thereby avoiding the retail stores’ markup and passing the savings on to the customer.

The other benefit to his clients, says Randy, is that they can be confident they are getting a high-quality product. The Association of American Feed Control Officials does not restrict what types of animals can be used in commercial dog and cat food, and many brands are packed with byproducts, chemical additives, flavorings, and preservatives. With Nature’s Select ? which uses domestic, human-grade whole meats, whole ground rice, and natural preservatives ? pet owners no longer have to scrutinize the labels, knowing that the work has been done for them by a business dedicated to their pet’s good health. All of Nature’s Select foods meet Whole Dog Journal’s criteria of a Top Quality Dog Food.

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