Breath Freshener for Dogs – Dear Daisy, Thanks for the Inspiration

Wolfgang Schuster in Munich developed Petafresh, a breath freshener for dogs. Mr. Schuster, the head of an R & D Department of a pharmaceutical company was inspired by an unpleasant experience with a sweet dog. “Some twelve years ago an invitation to dinner at the home of my wife’s best friend nearly ended in disaster,” Mr. Schuster relays. “ Her sweet dog, Daisy, scampered up to me wagging her tail and in no time was making herself comfortable on my lap. She was a very cute dog, but her breath smelled horrible! The calamity began when the canine’s mistress instructed the dog, much to my alarm, to give me a little kiss. I don’t know to whom the idea appealed less, Daisy or me! Perhaps it had something to do with the garlic bread I had just consumed. I thought of giving the dog some garlic bread to level the playing field. Daisy’s mistress noticed, of course, thus promoting a precipitous end to the evening.”

Mr. Schuster used the same ingredients in Petafresh as are used in lozenges for humans with the addition of an aroma appealing to dogs. Petafresh is a lozenge that dogs perceive as a reward, or treat, so it does not have to be added to the dog food. Tests involving over 100 dog breeds have shown that 80% of the animals took to Petafresh right away, while the others played with it first and then ate it. Petafresh does not contain menthol, which only masks bad breath. Rather, Petafresh’s patented complex composition of essential oils and root extracts eliminates undesirable halitosis.

Mr. Schuster adds, “My canine friend, Daisy, became addicted to garlic bread but, thanks to Petafresh, goes right on smelling like a daisy. And now, whenever I see her, I always greet her with a little kiss, as a way of saying thank you for the inspiration.”

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