Boarding Facilities Evolve to Meet Needs

The pet care industry has evolved dramatically over the past ten years. Not only has the industry raised the bar on the standards of care, it has also realized that different dogs require specialized care. As we all know, no two pets are the same. Each pet has its own personality and these differences are now being addressed by the pet care industry and the services provided. To the benefit of both pets and their owners, pet care is gravitating toward customization. Pet care facilities are offering an array of services that cater to individual pets needs.

Boarding facilities may offer different lodging options to their clientele depending upon the dog’s characteristics. Geriatric and small dogs enjoy quieter accommodations and warmer temperatures. Some facilities provide a separate room for these boarders. On the menu of “extra” services, there are options for dogs that love to cuddle and play with people, those that love to romp with other dogs, and those that enjoy a peaceful nature walk. There are dogs with physical and behavioral challenges that require special handling by staff. These needs are being met. Today boarding facilities offer both safe and comfortable care as well as enjoyable experiences for all guests.

The same holds true for training services. Training facilities are also more customized than ever. There are endless training methods and techniques used by trainers across the country. The most effective training programs are those that evaluate the individual dog and the owner’s handling skills, as well as, the goals desired. Programs are designed to accommodate each partnership resulting in happier, healthier relationships, which dog owners and their canine partners enjoy for a lifetime. Individualized education programs meet the social, emotional and behavioral needs of pets and owners.

The pet care industry has attained an unprecedented level of sophistication and compassion. Pets are given the care and attention they need and deserve based on their individual characteristics. Facilities, training, and care are safer, cleaner, healthier, more enjoyable and comforting than in the past. The higher standards are socially and educationally rewarding for pet and owner. In unprecedented numbers, pets and their owners are receiving the guidance, training, and care that result in more enjoyment of their respective companions. Happier people and pets and the remarkable kinships that they develop are testament to the efficacy of the customized care and training that has become the new standard for the pet care industry of the twenty-first century.

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