Bird Behavior – Do You Have a Naughty Naked Bird?

Is your bird bald, laying eggs, or screaming? Maybe Polly is trying to tell you something! Birds pluck out feathers for many physical and psychological reasons. You and your avian vet will have to determine if the feather loss is due to parasites, injury, stress, aggressive cage mates, allergies, poor nutrition, toxicity, behavior or a virus. It may take a while and a range of diagnostics may be needed but the cause can usually be determined and a plan put into action. Once the cause is addressed your bird may still be mildly bald and may not be able to grow feathers, but often times the problem can be resolved.

Does your bird produce eggs without a mate? Well, in her mind you, the mirror or a toy is her mate! Unfortunately, continuous egg laying can be fatal. Make sure she has a calcium supplement, remove mirrors, remove stimulating toys, stop cuddling, stop petting, and provide at least 12 hours of dark quiet sleep time. Hormone injections will help cycle birds out of a reproduction cycle (before it is too late).

Does your bird scream so loudly that you have cons idered ear plugs? Well this is not a good idea especially if the screaming is for attention! Let your bird be a part of the household activities from the safety of the cage or perch stand. Alternate toys, provide treats, and teach your bird that he/she can be happy without being attached to you!

Hey, aren’t birds wonderful!

Dr. Hollifield, Best Friends Veterinary Hospital

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