Are You Ready for a Pet Sitter?

Pet sitters provide a wonderful service by maintaining your pet’s schedule at home while you travel. Here are some suggestions to make the transition much smoother for your pet:

·Leave a recently worn piece of clothing near your pet’s bedding, to comfort him/her at night.

·Move valuables from tabletops, so curious noses can’t knock them over.

·Leave the right sized food and water bowls out for your pet’s use, and clean them before you leave.

·Leave everything needed for the care of your pet in one general area, so the sitter doesn’t have to search for leashes, food cans, and especially medicine.

·Set a light on a timer so the sitter won’t have to walk into a dark house for evening visits. It will be friendlier for your pet, as well.

·Leave a radio on, tuned to a jazz or classical station, to keep your pet company and drown out outside noises.

·On long trips, arrange for a neighbor to mow/water your lawn during the summer or shovel snow in the winter.

·Inform neighbors who may be looking out for your property that a pet sitter will be making visits to your home.

·Leave a mailbox key, if you’d like your sitter to retrieve your mail.

·Bring your pet sitter’s phone number with you, so that you can call to check in. Please call as soon as you are aware of a delayed return home.

·Last but not least: have a wonderful trip, knowing that your pets are in capable hands!

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