Aquariums – Bigger is Better

Whether you are a first time aquarium keeper or a seasoned hobbyist, the question of what size tank to buy is always a tough decision. So this article will explain why you should always pick the tank largest tank.

Many people use money as the governing factor. It shouldn’t be. First off, since all the big dollars are the tank, stand and hood and these are specific to the foot print of the tank (length and width), future up-grades require replacing all of them, a short sighted approach.

But more importantly, the larger to aquarium, the easier it is to maintain, resulting in healthier, happier fish. The reason is that the greater the volume of water, the slower things change, allowing you, the filtration and the fish to adjust to any changes with a minimum impact on the overall balance of the tank. This means that pH, water quality and temperature will be much more stable allowing you to enjoy easier and more successful fish keeping.

And with the variety of shapes, sizes and colors, a larger aquarium will be the focal point of any room. Whether you pick a tradition rectangular tank or one of the more exotic shapes such as a bow front, corner tank, hexagonal or one with rounded corners your large aquarium will provide you with years of beauty and entertainment.

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