Animal Safety – Anne Arundel County Leads. Region in Humane Education

Anne Arundel County Animal Control offers a unique program to teach basic animal safety and care to the community. The Humane Education Program has Humane Educators who travel to all points in the County providing films, pet care booklets, videos, classroom games and instructional materials. All materials are free of charge and include presentations with live animals. Programs are available for grades kindergarten to adult.

The primary goal of Humane Education is to help young people develop a system of humane ethics that will enable them to determine appropriate and inappropriate behavior towards animals and each other. Dogs bite many children each year. Included in the education is an awareness of animal overpopulation and the reason for neutering and spaying.

The program has been providing this service for 11 years and reaches 7,000 to 10,000 children per year. This program strives to educate children about how to be safe in the presence of dogs. The presentations can be made to schools, clubs, businesses, community groups, hospitals, and fairs.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact Candi Nilsson at 410-643-1323.

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