Animal Cruelty – The Reality of Chaining Dogs

Many of us have experienced the love, companionship, and joy of sharing our homes and lives with a companion dog. Sadly, some people still do not realize or care that it is an utter act of cruelty to make a dog—a sentient being that innately craves social companionship—live out its life at the end of chain. Dogs that are chained and forced to remain outside their entire lives are just as sensitive, loving, and desiring of comfort and happiness as other beloved indoors companion dogs. Unfortunately, because of their minimal territory space and lack of socialization, chained dogs often appear exceedingly hyper and/or aggressive.

Many of these poor creatures live out their lives connected to a 6-foot (or shorter) metal chain. Under these static, cramped, and oftentimes filthy conditions, chained dogs are forced to eat, drink, and sleep. Through the boiling heat of summer and the bone-chilling winds of winter, thousands of chained dogs are denied socialization with humans and comfortable shelter. It makes one wonder—why have the dog in the first place?

Forcing a dog to live out its life on a chain may not appear to be an act of overt cruelty but it is, in fact, one of the cruelest of actions that can be exacted upon a dog.

If you would like to help create a more humane world for animals in which no dog is chained, we encourage you to contact your city or county council members and request their help to implement an ordinance that would prevent the chaining of any dog as a primary means of confinement.

For more information about anti-chain dog ordinances, contact The National Humane Education Society’s Humane Education Department at (304) 725-0506 or

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