Alternative Treatments – Acupuncture Medicine For Your Pet

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) is an ancient practice of medicine for animals. The Chinese perspective, on the workings of the body, is different than what we are used to in conventional Western medicine practiced in this country. Chinese medicine focuses on the body as an energetic whole, and sees disease or injury as a disruption or blockage of the normal flow of energy in the animal. This energy is the intangible essence that makes us alive; it’s called Qi (pronounced chi.)

Acupuncture is one facet of TCVM, which uses the insertion of needles at specific acupuncture points to affect the flow of the body’s Qi, and thereby help it to heal itself. This process is tolerated very well by the animal, as the needles are small and usually not painful. Acupuncture can be used as a method of pain control in cases like arthritis or after a painful surgery. It can also treat medical conditions like kidney disease, respiratory problems, or skin conditions. It excels in the treatment of chronic conditions where Western medicine may be limited in certain cases.

In addition to acupuncture, TCVM includes the use of herbal medications, and lifestyle changes, like dieting change and the addition of exercise and playing time for your pet. In chronic conditions, a true lifestyle change may be necessary to help your pet. You will need to commit to at least 3-4 treatments as well as an initial TVCM examination to know if acupuncture will work for your animal’s specific condition. Please ask to set up an initial consultation appointment with Dr. Currie at Aldie Veterinary Hospital to start a TVCM treatment plan for your animal.
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