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Our website www.petloverscompanion.com has become the gateway to the animal world. Our highly visibly web address is prominently displayed on the covers of over 800,000 printed copies of PLC in circulation. In addition, we are recognized by all of the major search engines. Our website is updated on a regular basis to keep you informed of all the latest animal events and happenings.

Pet Lovers Companion is your Local Yellow Page Directory for All things Pets.

Angela Meyers

With 15 years of marketing experience, including 5 years with a trade publisher, Angela’s background brings Pet Lovers Companion a combination of strategic insight and execution that has helped the magazine grow and evolve with today’s trends and marketplace. Working hand-in-hand with partners and advertisers, Angela helps all organizations achieve their goals and realize their targets by listening and understanding their needs and developing a plan to achieve them.  Her enthusiasm for pets started as a child and continues today.  In the evenings and on weekends, you’ll often find her on walks with her husband, 3 children and family dog Maggie.  Reach her at ahazuda@yahoo.com.


Advertising Manager
Lisa Tinkle
703.780.4400 / 856-768-3742

More on Lisa coming soon.  Reach her at advertising@petloverscompanion.com



Managing Editor
Archana Asokan


Archana has been in the print industry for over ten years. Her professional experience includes graphic design, copy writing, proof reading and layout design. She holds a BA in English and also has a background in Graphic & Digital Design. A dog enthusiast from childhood, she’s had multiple pet dogs all her life. Now she’s become a fish aficionado since her kids have pet dander allergies! When not in the office she can be found out and about with her husband and kids. Reach her at support@petloverscompanion.com



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