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What It’s Like Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car!


  Nick Beam, trainer at Off-Leash K9 Training, LLC  spent 40 minutes inside of  a hot car  which went up to 138 degrees! to show what dogs left in cars can experience. Watch the the video!! And Please Share! What It's Like Leaving Your Dog In A Hot ...

What Your Pet Sitter Won’t Tell You


As a conscientious pet owner, you have read multiple articles on how to screen and hire a pet sitter. Did you realize your pet sitter is also screening you? A great client isn’t just one who pays promptly, but one who understands the following: 1. Please ...

Warmer Temperatures Bring Health Risks


We have been in the midst of a harsh winter, but believe it or not the warmer months are coming! Spring and summer bring us the opportunity for fun outdoor activities, but the warmer temperatures can also bring health risks for our pets that we ...

Wellness Yearly Visit” series – Your Pet’s EYE CARE

Takoma park photo

There are a number of conditions with the eyes that can affect the well-being and safety of your dog or cat.  Any pet is susceptible to eye problems but those with flatter faces such as Pugs, Boxers, Persians, and Himalayans are more at risk. Many dogs have a condition ...

To Collar or Not to Collar

Applewoods image 1

Once was the time when all thoughtful, well-meaning, caring dog owners understood the reasons why putting a collar on their dog just made good sense.  After all, there weren’t so many choices then.  You chose to put a leather buckle collar on your dog and ...

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