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DogFest 2016  Saturday, September 17 10am-4pm     Come for a doggone great family day including a walk, games, contests, swimming for your dog, demonstrations, and lots of food! Meet adoptable dogs, cats, and rescue groups. Kids will love the Kids Kennel with crafts, face-paint, Moonbounce, and all ...

Obesity and the Exotic/Avian Pet

Obesity Pet artyicle

At different points during the year, many of us resolve to shed some extra pounds. The weeks after holiday feasts or long vacations are a great time to get motivated and moving, as well as pick the right foods to make us healthy. The same ...

Annie’s Story


11+ years after Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) diagnosis, the most frequently seen congenital defect of dogs, Annie had surgery and continues to be a bundle of joy and energy!  Annie joined the Rollyson family via a rescue site called K9 Furbabies. Annie, who originally came from ...

The Final Act of Kindness


When death comes, either naturally or accidentally to a pet we have loved and cared for, it is a very traumatic experience. It is also natural to want to ensure that these members of the family are treated with compassion, dignity and respect. If you choose to have your ...

Heart disease in Cat and Dogs

meac -pic

Our beloved pets deserve optimal health and well-being. Heart disease in pets is both common and many times, well hidden. If your primary care veterinarian suspects heart disease, a timely visit to a veterinary cardiologist could save your pet’s life. How will I know if my ...

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