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Upcoming Pet Friendly Events!!!


October 5th - Doggie Palooza for K-9 Gunner Park October 11th - Beltway Barks 2. 1st annual Doggie Palooza: A day of celebration to raise funds for K-9 Gunner Dog Park.. Bring your dogs, family and friends to Andrew Leitch park in Woodbridge, VA, for Scavenger ...

Warmer Temperatures Bring Health Risks


We have been in the midst of a harsh winter, but believe it or not the warmer months are coming! Spring and summer bring us the opportunity for fun outdoor activities, but the warmer temperatures can also bring health risks for our pets that we ...

Regular Grooming—Good For You and Your Pet!


Only a fraction of pet owners have their pets groomed regularly by a professional pet groomer. But those owners are possibly enjoying their pets more and improving some aspects of their pets’ health. A professional groomer may detect (and possibly prevent) certain disease processes. As a ...

Healthy Pet Plans

Olney Sandy Spring photo

A recent survey of pet owners shows that they are seeking veterinary care less often.  The rising cost of veterinary health care is a factor in many owners’ decision to wait longer to visit their veterinarian.  Preventive care can save, prolong, and improve our pets’ ...

The Real Scoop on Dog Poop

doody calls

Time is a precious commodity, and of all of the things on your to-do list, picking up after the pooch is probably down there towards the bottom. But as unpleasant and time-consuming as this chore may be, keeping pet waste off the ground is an ...

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