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Upcoming Pet Friendly Events!!!


September 20th - Fredericksburg Pet Show, September 24th - Pups in the Park, September 27th - DC Walk for the Animals & Pet-A-Palooza, Barktoberfest and Woof for Wellness Fredericksburg Pet Show - This family-fun event brings together pet owners, lovers and enthusiasts with vendors that represent ...

Heart disease in Cat and Dogs

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Our beloved pets deserve optimal health and well-being. Heart disease in pets is both common and many times, well hidden. If your primary care veterinarian suspects heart disease, a timely visit to a veterinary cardiologist could save your pet’s life. How will I know if my ...

Healthy Pet Plans

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A recent survey of pet owners shows that they are seeking veterinary care less often.  The rising cost of veterinary health care is a factor in many owners’ decision to wait longer to visit their veterinarian.  Preventive care can save, prolong, and improve our pets’ ...

Wellness Yearly Visit” series – Your Pet’s EYE CARE

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There are a number of conditions with the eyes that can affect the well-being and safety of your dog or cat.  Any pet is susceptible to eye problems but those with flatter faces such as Pugs, Boxers, Persians, and Himalayans are more at risk. Many dogs have a condition ...

The Pet Friendly Realtor


When people ask me what exactly is a "Pet Friendly" Realtor many things come to mind including of course finding clients homes with their pets(buying,selling, and renting) but, it goes way beyond that. Animals of kinds are my heart and soul. It is why I ...

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